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Something You May Know Clue from Magpie Games

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Hey Magpie Fans!

Next week, on May 23rd at 9pm EST, we’re going to be appearing on an internet game show called “Something You May Know.” Of course, we want you to come play, and you can win prizes ($$) for being the first person watching the live show to answer a trivia question. Check out their site here for more info: http://www.symkblog.com/howtoplay/

We’re really excited to be working with the SYMK folks. The show is fast-paced, fun to watch, and (on the 23rd) all about gaming! The trivia questions should be easy for Magpie fans!

But to make it easier, we’re happy to host the first SYMK clue for the week:

We look forward to seeing you next Wednesday!

4 thoughts on “Something You May Know Clue from Magpie Games

  1. This is awesome. SYMK has been one of my favorite things on the web, I’m a huge gamer too. What a great combo. I got started with Deadlands of course my favorite is Call of Cthulhu. Can’t wait for the show coming up

  2. I’ve come close to winning before this is my week! It’s pretty cool you’re doing this with symmk. How’d you set this up my roommate would definitely be interested. Love this show. How do you play your shakspear game?

  3. Hi Gabriel!

    We’re glad that you’ll be joining us for tomorrow’s game. Best of luck.

    The Shakespeare game is fairly easy to play. You and your friends play a group of actors who are rehearsing a Shakespearean play. If you want to make a change to the directions the Playwright gives you, you roll some dice. If you win you get to make the changes; if you lose you don’t. It’s a lot of fun!

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