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New Magpies: Sarah Richardson and Derrick Kapchinsky

Baby magpies
As you may know, we had a pretty good year last year here at Magpie HQ. In addition to the launch of our Chaos Worlds line for Dungeon World (The Last Days of Anglekite) and Epyllion early in the year, we wrapped up 2015 with the phenomenally successful Masks, marking our first six-figure Kickstarter! We’re so grateful for everyone that backed, pledged, patroned, and supported us in 2016; you ...
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Brendan Conway Joins Magpie Games as Assistant Developer

Learning' To Fly!
We are very excited to announce that we have a new member of the Magpie Games team! Brendan Conway, long-time Magpie Games contributor and collaborator, has accepted a position as Assistant Developer! We've had a lot of exciting success lately with various crowdfunding projects (The Fate Codex, Urban Shadows, etc) and Brendan is going to be helping us get those projects out the door sooner rather ...
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The Fate Codex – Volume 1, Issue 1

Hello all! Thanks to the all the great patrons for the Fate Codex Patreon campaign, we released the first issue of The Fate Codex yesterday. I was hoping that we would release at least a six to seven page PDF when I launched this campaign... and we ended up with a fifty page PDF thanks to the support of our backers! The Fate Codex is a mostly-monthly e-zine featuring Quick Start Adventur...
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Eternity Condensed Ruleset Released

Try Eternity for yourself! So... I've put this off long enough. I've been working on my epic, long-form, GM-less roleplaying game since early 2011, and it's time for me to finally put something out there. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you... Eternity: Eternity Downloads Here's the pitch: Eternity is a unique tabletop roleplaying game that allows player to tell an epic story in the style...
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Marvel Annihilation Actual Play: Kristacon, Day 1

Tim Rodriguez playing Annihilus
Last month (Feb 2013), I had the pleasure of GMing a massive game of Marvel with three amazing GMs: Tim Rodriguez, Frank Manna, and Mike O'Sullivan. The game was awesome, and I'm already having ideas about how to run it again in the future. But before we move on to that, here's the actual play report for Day 1 of the game... Annihilation Day +00... Thursday, Feb 21 The Kyln Heroes: Wolve...
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