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The Last Days of Anglekite


anglekite_KS-01The world is old. It has seen empires come and go. Its end approaches, and everyone knows it. Not least the residents of the last great mortal city—Anglekite, located in the Crater Basin. They don’t know when it will come, or how it will come, but they know that the end is nigh.

Maybe it will come in the form of the Scourge Karkis, the corrupted giant marching toward Anglekite to exterminate life out of a sense of mercy. Maybe it will come in the form of the Things From Outside, hoping to crack into this world and consume it entire. Or maybe it will come in the form of the Pyrewyrm, the massive fire dragon that is the death of the world embodied.

There are ways to fight the end. But each has its own cost. Draw in the corruption of the Things From Outside and grow powerful—and warped. Ask a boon of the demons of Pandemonium, and have demonic flesh grafted to your body. Wield the Angelbone Blade and smite your foes… and the world… with each swing.

Will the members of the Anglekite Adventurer’s Guild be able to stave off their world’s death? What terrible powers will they call upon in defense of their city? What price are they willing to pay for this dying world?

The Last Days of Anglekite is a Dying Earth-style weird fantasy setting for Dungeon World in which you play members of the Anglekite Adventurer’s Guild, the last line of defense for a dying world threatened by catastrophic powers. The Last Days of Anglekite draws from weird sword and sorcery tales and over-the-top fantasy by authors like Jack Vance, Clark Ashton Smith, and Michael Moorcock.

The Last Days of Anglekite started as a PDF-only reward for backers of the Kristacon NYC event in April of 2013, a short Dungeon World scenario based on the adventure that Brendan Conway put together for the convention. But when Brendan turned in a 40,000 word document, it was the beginning of something greater (something that needed plenty of editing!) and we decided to make The Last Days of Anglekite a standalone project. Through the efforts of Brendan, Mark Diaz Truman, Juan Ochoa, John Adamus, and Nathan Paoletta, it’s finally ready as a fantastic, fully laid-out setting book full of art, monsters, compendium classes, magic items, fronts, dangers, and madness.

The Last Days of Anglekite takes the Dungeon World system into the realm of weird, epic fantasy. The Last Days of Anglekite has the monsters, artifacts, compendium classes, and fronts you need to play a full campaign of Dungeon World in a world built on top of the ruins of countless civilizations.

Check out the successful Kickstarter here, and download our custom Last Days Character Sheet.