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Fate Codex Submission Guidelines

Fate Codex Submission Guidelines

So you’re interesting in pitching an idea for an upcoming issue of the Fate Codex? Great! We love getting new ideas from a diversity of people. If you’ve got a cool idea for quick start adventure, a Fate Core essay, an extra system, or even short fiction, then let us know. We’ll get in touch with you if we’re interested in your pitch.

Some details on the types of submissions we’re looking for:

  • Quick Start Adventures that contain a short setting, NPCs and plot hooks, and pregen characters (roughly 5,000 words).
  • Fate Core Essays that explain how to do exciting things with the Fate system in your local game (roughly 3,000 words).
  • Extra Systems that can be added to your game to provide new ways for your players to engage the fiction (roughly 2,000 words).
  • Fate Building Blocks that detail an interesting person, place, or thing that can be dropped in to a variety of Fate settings (roughly 2,500 words)

We’re looking for anybody who has a good idea, and in particular we’d love to get more women and minority writers and designers to contribute. We want contributors from all levels of experience, too. Being new to Fate doesn’t mean we won’t accept your pitch.

So if you’re interested, just fill out the form below and include the pitch for your piece (no more than 250 words), and we’ll get back to you if we’d like to move forward with your piece. Pay is $0.05 a word for all pieces, and we pay for playtesting ($50) for Systems pieces as well.