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Fate-Codex-1.1-Cover-smallMagpie Games has plenty of experience with Fate Core and attached systems. Mark Diaz Truman worked on the Ennie-Award Winning Fate Systems Toolkit, and he contributed the Timeworks setting to Worlds in Shadow. We’re also hard at work on Fate of the Flying Temple, the Fate version of Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple, and on Wicked Fate, the Fate version of Wicked Fantasy. But Fate has so much potential for variety and growth, and we wanted to do still more. Enter the Fate Codex.

The Fate Codex is monthly (or so) e-zine full of quick starts, essays, new systems, and short fictions inspired by and devoted to the Fate system. It’s funded through Patreon, and we’ve achieved many milestones so far, allowing us to add art, more quickstarts, and more file formats to the Codex. But we can always do more, and every subscriptions is a great help to us!

If you’re interested in seeing what we’ve done so far, check out our existing Fate Codex issues on DriveThruRPG. They’re all available individually or in a collected Anthology. If you like what you see, then subscribe on Patreon. Every backer supports us and helps us do better work for you. Finally, if you’re interested in contributing to the Fate Codex, check out our Submission Guidelines.