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Games of 2016: Pandemic Legacy

Pandemic Legacy Zman Games 2015
It’s the end of the year! And that means it’s time to talk about end of year assessments of the most important piece of culture: GAMES! I might come back to this, so I’m not going to cap myself at “TOP 5” anything. But I might not come back to this, so I’m going to start off at the top. I want to talk about one of the most important board games for my 2016: Pandemic Legacy. In particular, I wan...
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The Sentinels of the Stars: Kagápe

We've had a cybernetic badger with huge guns; a water elemental with a heart of gold; and a psychotic axe-wielding "alien." Next up in my Atomic Robo RPG  versions of the Guardians of the Galaxy is our fourth Sentinel of the Stars, the assassin to end all assassins: Kagápe. (more…)
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