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Tell Amazing Stories and Get Free Stuff!

We still have a few GM slots for GenCon, and we’d love to see you there! If you’ll be at GenCon and would be able to run some games of Bluebeard’s Bride, Dungeon World, Epyllion, Masks, Undying, or Urban Shadows, let us know here or at info@magpiegames.com! BUT WHAT DO I GET? Get a copy of ANY Magpie Games book* if you run 2 games! Get a 4 day badge, a copy of ANY Magpie Games book, AND t...
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Indie+2 Indie Game Design Panel (Live)

Join us for one of the opening panels at the Indie+2 Game Convention. Mark Truman hosts a G+ panel about Indie Game Design LIVE at 6:00pm-Eastcoast time. Watch live and ask some questions or watch it later on YouTube. Check out Adam Koebel, Daniel Solis, and Sage LaTorra's thoughts about Indie Game Design! Indie+2 Indie Game Design Panel
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PAX Prime 2012

First time at Pax Prime! Mark and I had a wonderful time in Seattle for PAX Prime. We walked the exhibit halls a couple times, but primarily spent our time at Games on Demand running and playing games. Mark and I also met some more New Mexican designers who have been hiding out on the West coast: The lovely Sage LaTorra  was running the Games on Demand room all weekend and, like us, he had...
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