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Metatopia 2017 Recap

Metatopia Double Exposure 2017
Brendan went to Metatopia on November 3rd and had all his games ripped to shreds by the merciless hordes had a great time! He brought three games, participated in two panels, played in a few other games, and had all manner of awesome conversation! Thanks so much to all of the players in the games, and thanks to Double Exposure for putting on such an awesome convention! Armored Society The ...
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Special Guests at RinCon 2013

RinCon 2013, ready or not, here we come. Mark and MK will be special guests at Arizona's RinCon this weekend! The Schedule Friday: 6-7pm: RPG Design panel 7-11 pm: Eternity Long Con Saturday: 9-10 am: Inclusiveness in Gaming 10-1 am: GM conference 2-6 pm: Eternity Long Con 6-7 pm: Beyond Kickstarter Panel Sunday: 9-11am: Epyllion (w/MK) 9am-1pm: Firefly (w/Ma...
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See us at RINCON 2012

Special Guests @ RinCon 2012 Headed to the SouthWest this September?... Mark and I will be special guests at Arizona's Rin Con the weekend of the 28th! We are honored to be invited to RinCon and will be on a number of Panels: PANEL: Inclusiveness In Gaming By Mark Truman and Marissa Kelly. Want to create safe and inclusive spaces for minorities and women at your gaming table? Join us for a...
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