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Masks At Large

Masks At Large March 9 2017
I have some exciting Masks news, from awards to materials from a LongCon at Dreamation, to a plug for some awesome fans. Thanks, everyone! Golden Geeks Masks was a runner up for the Board Game Geek’s RPG of the Year! Thank you to everyone who voted for us for either of the categories we were up for! We were very proud and grateful to be up for nomination, and thrilled to be alongside the win...
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RINCON 2012 was a blast! Thursday night Mark and I flew in to Tucson where Matt Nielson was nice enough to pick us up and take us to the Hotel. Before bed we scoped out the lovely con space and sorted out our schedule for the next morning. Friday we held two panels: Inclusiveness in Gaming and the Story Games Dungeon. Attendance was a little low, but both were a success.  After the Story Games...
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PAX Prime 2012

First time at Pax Prime! Mark and I had a wonderful time in Seattle for PAX Prime. We walked the exhibit halls a couple times, but primarily spent our time at Games on Demand running and playing games. Mark and I also met some more New Mexican designers who have been hiding out on the West coast: The lovely Sage LaTorra  was running the Games on Demand room all weekend and, like us, he had...
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Playtesting The Play’s The Thing In The Classroom

As we get ready to release The Play's The Thing, we're working hard on the assorted accompanying materials, including the Teacher's Guide for the game. We're thrilled to have Pete Figtree, veteran geek/teacher, putting together a document for us that will help teachers implement the game in the classroom, helping students find new ways to connect with Shakespeare! This last few weeks, he's been...
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