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Magpie Media Roundup

Magpie Media Roundup March 31 2017
Actual plays are a great way to figure out if a game is right for you or your group, in addition to just being fun to listen to—so we’ve collected a few highlights of actual plays of Magpie Games from across the Internet, along with a few other interesting tidbits! The guys over at Nerds and Stuff made an amazing trailer for Urban Shadows. You can watch it here, and be sure to check out their Y...
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Codex Machina now live!

If you’re a fan of the Fate roleplaying system, and have checked out the Fate Codex we run through Patreon, you may have heard that we’ve added a new feature - a podcast called the Codex Machina. The Codex Machina will contain interviews with the contributors, artists, and Fate designers featured inside the pages of the Fate Codex. Each month we’ll release one of these interviews for free to an...
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The Play’s The Thing is 550% Funded and We’ve Gotten Some Great Press

With a little more than two weeks to go, we've hit over 550% funding on our first Kickstarter project, The Play's The Thing! As we said in our last update, we are just totally blown away by the response we've gotten from the Kickstarter community and our fans. Each and every day, we are excited to see new pledges and new messages from the backers. You guys are awesome! We've also gotten some...
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