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GameTech: Push Your Luck

For this series of articles, I'm interested in actively trying to repurpose ideas from other kinds of games into RPGs in the hopes of discovering some new and interesting mechanics. It doesn't mean something good will come from it, or that the idea is totally worth using but at least a few interesting new ideas will arise. So for the first idea, I'd like to take a look at push your luck mechan...
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Designing Moves: Triggers Versus Effects

Moves in any “Powered by the Apocalypse” game have two main components: the trigger, and the effect. “When you do X” is the trigger, and “then Y happens” is the effect. For the moves to work well, they have to snowball, meaning that every move needs to lead to a change in the fiction that will then lead to another move shortly down the road. If a move, through its trigger and its effect, fails to ...
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