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Stretch Goal Progress

OLBH Stretch Goal Progress - October 2012 Hey folks! We've been hard at work these last two months on our promised stretch goals, recording QR code videos, playtesting hacks, and working with our contributors for both the short story anthology and the companion/expansion book. Here's an update on where those projects stand: Dice The dice are in! And they look awesome! We were hoping t...
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GenCon Events for Magpie Games

Hey folks! For those of you headed to GenCon next week (it's soooo soon!), we have an exciting announcement. Magpie Games will be hosting over thirty hours of scheduled Magpie Games' gaming at the Games on Demand room at GenCon!  Thanks to the efforts of our wonderful staff of GMs, we're going to be providing a chance for everyone to try The Play's The Thing, Our Last Best Hope, and Eter...
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The Proof is Here!

After much slaving, toiling, and sweating (in the Houston heat!) our proof of Our Last Best Hope arrived today via UPS. And it looks great! We put in our rush order for books today, giving us just enough time to get the books out to backers before GenCon! We'll keep everyone posted as we start to put packages together, so look for our next update soon. As for the PDF release, we are wrap...
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Pocket Marvel Patrol! and Balance in Game Design

Last night I got together with a few non-gamer friends who had just seen the Avengers. I was thinking that we would play the new Marvel RPG, but they didn't have a printer at their house to print up Marvel datafiles, so I hacked Pocket Danger Patrol on the fly for them. If you've never heard of Danger Patrol...you should check it out: Danger Patrol Website The premise of the Danger Patriol i...
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