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We are Dust

We are Dust is out to Kickstarter Backers

It's official: all of the short story anthologies have shipped. Given that we are a bit behind on getting the Expansion book out to folks, we went ahead and shipped copies of We Are Dust to all backers at the $50 level and higher. We hope you enjoy them! If you'd like to pick up extra physical copies of We Are Dust, they are now available through our website for $10: We Are Dust Antholo...
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We Are Dust Proof Has Arrived

Hey folks! The We Are Dust proof is here. And it looks awesome. I got a chance to curl up with it last night (I'm a sucker for physical non-digital reading!) and I'm so excited by how it all came together. It will take us a few weeks to get the books from the printer, but once they get here we should have them out fairly quickly. We'll post photos and updates as that process gets underwa...
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We Are Dust is Finished!

It's official. We Are Dust is finished! Pick up your copy and sread the word! Let your friends and neighbors know that the file is available via DriveThru here: http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/109313/We-Are-Dust We'll be sending the book off to the printer at the end of the week, so please let us know if you catch any last minute typos! Thanks!
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