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Magpie Games is proud to be a primary sponsor of The Indie Game Developer Network (IGDN), an exclusive, email-based online network where indie game developers discuss strategies, ideas, and techniques to develop incredible games. Guided by the Network Leader, the IGDN brings together a wide variety of developers–including pen and paper, card game, and board game designers–in a private and secure environment where each and every member strives for excellence.

The IGDN was created because the gaming community lacks places where developers can openly share ideas. There are a few website forums, but people on the internet have a tendency to behave like anonymous jerks. The IGDN provides a safe ground for new ideas and opportunities, a place where developers (both young and old) can propose new thoughts in a supportive environment to help each other achieve their goals, including business success.

In addition, too many developers in the gaming industry are reinventing the wheel with the release of each new product. No one person knows the best way to order books, print card, stock PDFs, or promote in the age of social media because the rules are constantly changing. It’s a new world with lots of opportunity, but we don’t know how to navigate it yet. The IGDN helps developers build a resource library that can move more products to market with less effort, building better games for more players!

In fact, one of the primary goals of the IGDN is to see more freelance developers gain the development skills and business prowess to strike out on their own, leaving their day jobs behind to focus on the hobby they love.

(If you’ve still got questions, check out our FAQ…)

Right now, the IGDN is seeking our first twenty charter members. Those charter members will receive a free, three-month subscription to the IGDN to help build the community and show what we can do when we work together. After the trial membership expires, continued membership will be just $10 per month, a small fraction of the thousands of dollars developers regularly spend on convention fees, travel, and books.

If you’re ready to help your fellow developers design the best games of the next decade, fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you with an application. We’re ready to plug you in to the Network!