Bee Zelda

Bee Zelda

Bee Zelda

Curated Play Program GM

Bee is a podcaster, streamer and professional GM! They are a member of the Broadswords, an all women, non-binary actual play podcast for playing 5e D&D. They have been featured on a variety of shows and channels, most notably on  Roll20, QueueTimes, Huetopia and many more.

Bee has been podcasting and playing tabletop games for only a few years, but has fully immersed themself into the scene. They have a love for things both dark and adventurous so they’ve spent a few months GMing games of Bluebeards Bride and Root for Magpie. 

Bee’s GMing style is always a little silly. Making people feel comfortable, safe and having fun is more important to them than rules. They work hard to create enjoyable experiences, where after the game is done, they can spend a few minutes debriefing with the players and sharing their favourite moments.

Pronouns: They/ Them

Twitter: @bee_zelda



Game Schedule

January 2021
This GM does not currently have any events scheduled. Please check back in 1-2 weeks for the next play cycle.

Safety Tools

Bee uses the following tools in their games:

  • The X Card
  • The X/N/O System

If you are not familiar with the safety tools, more information about the x card  and X/N/O system is available here.