Sneak-peek at what is upcoming!

It is our pleasure to announce new and exciting products to the Magpie Games catalogue. This is a sneak-peek at some exciting projects we have in development. 


A new card-based tabletop roleplaying game. 

Airlock is a space-based horror game. You play an isolated crew of survivors navigating around a xenovessel, fighting paranoia and madness as your humanness is met with increasing hostility in this alien environment. You interact with each other and with AKI, the mission’s computer system, while your body suffers from exostrain and slowly deteriorates.

Airlock draws inspiration from sources such as Event Horizon, Pandora, Dead Space, and the Alien franchise.

Kickstarter release date yet to be announced. Prepare for the most dangerous mission of your life!

Armored Society

Armored Society is a tabletop RPG of politics, culture, adventure, and magic.

Set in the Irish/Celtic-mythology-inspired Serland but characterized by a complicated, multicultural setting, Armored Society invokes works ranging from A Song of Ice and Fire to Pride & Prejudice to Arthurian legend to The Witcher

Designed for multi-session play with semi-random characters, Armored Society allows players to tell their own stories at the meeting point of history and myth. (Plus they get to wear super cool armor).

Keep your eyes peeled and your swords ready for more updates on Armored Society as we get closer to the Kickstarter date.

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