Bee Zelda (they/them)


Bee Zelda (they/them)
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Sep 26 2020


Eastern time
8:00 pm - 11:55 pm



Root: The RPG (Bee Zelda – September 26)

You have all been hired to steal the fabled twin swords of Pollyria Goshawk. They have been hidden in the Goshawk family manor high above the trees for years, laying untouched and valuable. The Woodland Alliance isn’t the only group that wants their paws on that swords. Are you brave enough for this heist? There are other powers working against you, and if you succeed, it will be the greatest heist of Pellenicky Glade. 

In Root, you play vagabonds, outcasts from the normal society of the woodlands who have come to live in the spaces between, whether that’s in the forests themselves or on the fringes of society. You are competent and skilled—you have to be to survive as vagabonds—and you aren’t tied down to any particular place or faction.

You might be a badger arbiter, serving many sides in resolving conflicts and defending their interests. You might be a cat scoundrel, sliding on your mask before you sneak out into the darkness to cause mischief and mayhem. You might be a wolf ranger, at home in the wilds and the untamed places of the woodland.

This curated play event is a one shot session with GM Bee Zelda. The Magpie Games Curated Play Program connects gamers with awesome, paid GMs who receive training and support from our staff. You can read more about the Curated Play Program here, including our Customer Service Agreement, and register for this event through the links below!

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