Curated Play Program GM

Summer got her start with TTRPGs in December 2016 when she decided to run a home-brewed campaign of D&D 5e without ever having DMed  — or played. It wasn’t long after that she found her way to the online TTRPG community and started playing a multitude of other games, such as Burning Wheel, Monsterhearts 2, Pathfinder and Urban Shadows.

When she began her first Urban Shadows campaign nearly two years ago, she was immediately hooked. Two podcasts and three streamed campaigns later and she’s logged over 250 hours running Urban Shadows for a wide variety of players in three different cities, all sharing the universe she calls The Pools of Midst. She loves the drama, the romance and the way the game encourages players to fictionally position themselves for the best kinds of stories. She hopes to tell many more of those stories in the future.  

Pronouns: She/Her

Twitter: @justasummerjob



Game Schedule

This GM does not currently have any events scheduled. Please check back in 1-2 weeks for the next play cycle.

Customer Testimonials

My favorite thing that Summer does in her games is emphasize and honor what would make every player happy during play. After every game, she implements the Stars and Wishes safety tool to positively reflect on the game and to build excitement for the next time. Even then, she makes a point to respect your wish and make it happen or help you make it happen.”

“She did a great job of creating NPCs that went seamlessly in and out of our stories and interactions, and she encouraged narrative and dialogue between players.”

I loved Summer’s embodiment of the fiction-first approach. It absolutely helped me be immersed in my character and the events happening around us. Also, Summer’s ability to organize, juggle, and keep track of so many threads and events with the world and our individual characters was really impressive!”

GMing Samples
Safety Tools

Summer uses the following tools in her games:

  • Lines and Veils
  • The X/N/O Card
  • Stars and Wishes

If you are not familiar with the safety tools, more information on lines and veils is available here, while more information about the x card is available here.