The Encyclopedia Takes Flight!

Epyllion icon 2017
From the heartbreaking retelling of the Legend of the Great Sage Tree, to the terrifying report of the Kraken that lurk deep in the waters surrounding Dragonia, to the amusing recital of the Moonflower Clutch’s antics, the tales within these pages will bring Dragonia’s history to life. Learning why the Sky City fell, how the Umbra first struck, and what drove House Kebros to betray the other Hou...
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Happy Valentine’s Day & Black Panther Premiere!

While some of us haven’t been able to see Black Panther yet, all of Magpie has been looking forward to it! There also aren’t a lot of traditional romantics on staff (just Brendan), but put love with superheroes and something’s bound to happen. During the month of February we’ll be releasing pre-filled Masks playbooks for playing Black Panther in your own home game! That means all the characte...
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Happy Holidays from Magpie Games!

Happy Holidays 2017
The holidays are a comin’, and we’re getting ready to hibernate in our magpie ice caverns before the terrible yellow-breasted grackle comes hunting for us. (We have at best a tenuous grasp on actual ecology concerning magpies.) But before we carefully shape the ice around us using our heat-tendrils and sing the songs of our forgotten civilizations, we wanted to run down this past year, as well...
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PAX Unplugged Recap

Pax Unplugged Marissa Kelly 2017
Marissa and Brendan both attended the first ever PAX Unplugged on November 17-19, and came away with an awesome experience and great hopes for future PAX Unpluggeds! (PAXes Unplugged? PAXi Unplugged? PAX Unpluggedus?) Booth Magpie Games was firmly ensconced in a corner booth at PAX Unplugged, featuring purple carpet, purple table cloths, and limned with purple lights. (It was only later ...
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Metatopia 2017 Recap

Metatopia Double Exposure 2017
Brendan went to Metatopia on November 3rd and had all his games ripped to shreds by the merciless hordes had a great time! He brought three games, participated in two panels, played in a few other games, and had all manner of awesome conversation! Thanks so much to all of the players in the games, and thanks to Double Exposure for putting on such an awesome convention! Armored Society The ...
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