pushing your luck For this series of articles, I’m interested in actively trying to repurpose ideas from other kinds of games into RPGs in the hopes of discovering some new and interesting mechanics. It doesn’t mean something good will come from it, or that the idea is totally worth using but at least a few interesting new ideas will arise.

So for the first idea, I’d like to take a look at push your luck mechanics from board games.

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THE GEARS OF GAME DESIGN FOREVER CHURN ONWARDMoves in any “Powered by the Apocalypse” game have two main components: the trigger, and the effect. “When you do X” is the trigger, and “then Y happens” is the effect. For the moves to work well, they have to snowball, meaning that every move needs to lead to a change in the fiction that will then lead to another move shortly down the road. If a move, through its trigger and its effect, fails to change the fiction significantly, then it won’t snowball.

The important thing here, though, is that both the trigger and the effect can contribute to the snowball.

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We are very excited to announce that we have a new member of the Magpie Games team! Brendan Conway, long-time Magpie Games contributor and collaborator, has accepted a position as Assistant Developer! We’ve had a lot of exciting success lately with various crowdfunding projects (The Fate Codex, Urban Shadows, etc) and Brendan is going to be helping us get those projects out the door sooner rather than later. Welcome aboard, Brendan!

Learning' To Fly!

Learning’ To Fly!

In a lot of ways, this is just making official what’s been happening for some time now. Brendan’s been working with us on The Last Days of Anglekite, Wicked Fate, and a number of other projects for the last few months. His insights as a designer have already proved to be invaluable, and we’re thrilled that he’s going to be doing more for us in the future. Look to see a lot more of his work this fall!

In addition to his design work, Brendan’s also going to be posting regularly here on the Magpie blog about game design, running games, and general gaming stuff. We think he’s got a ton of great ideas, and we’re pumped to have him sharing them with all of you.

Help us welcome Brendan to the team!

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KS d20Monkey BannerV2URBAN SHADOWS

After nearly a year and a half of hard work, Magpie Games is proud to announce that Andrew Medeiros has launched the Kickstarter for Urban Shadows, a Powered by the Apocalypse urban fantasy game. And we are publishing it!
A dark urban fantasy tabletop RPG Powered by the Apocalypse. Fight the darkness or let it swallow you whole!


Here are a few words from Magpie’s Mark Diaz Truman about the release:

765a37392278433eabe574f75d1e0e85_large“I knew when Andrew first talked with me about Urban Shadows that I wanted to publish it. I cut my roleplaying teeth on White Wolf games, and the urban fantasy genre has always spoken to me as a person of color. In these stories, the world that I know and the communities I see are the ones that have screen time!”

So for the last year and a half, Mark and Andrew have been working to get Urban Shadows ready. Now we need your help to get it finished, funding the art, the layout, and the printing for our first run of books. And if we can get a little extra to get us started, we’ll be able to work on new Playbooks (The Hallowed! The Dragon!) and City Guides for cities around the United States (and maybe the world?).

In other words, help us make this an awesome game!


Hello all!

Thanks to the all the great patrons for the Fate Codex Patreon campaign, we released the first issue of The Fate Codex yesterday. I was hoping that we would release at least a six to seven page PDF when I launched this campaign… and we ended up with a fifty page PDF thanks to the support of our backers!

Fate Codex - 1.1 Cover

The Fate Codex is a mostly-monthly e-zine featuring Quick Start Adventures and more for the Fate roleplaying system. The project, funded through Patreon, grows and swells as more patrons support our work. We’ve been lucky to have lots of folks pledge.

We’ve also been lucky enough to feature some really great artists, including our own Marissa Kelly, Tom Miskey, and Juan Ochoa. There’s some great work in this piece and over 10,000 words of awesome Fate content, ready to be thrown into your next game of Fate.

In this first issue, we’ve got:

  • Lenny Balsera’s take on Collaborative World Building
  • Brian Engard’s new system for handling Ammo in Fate
  • Brie Sheldon’s cyberpunk short story, Life Locked
  • Mark Diaz Truman’s quick start adventure, Silicon City

Huge thanks to our great production team–John Adamus, Amanda Valentine, Shelley Harlan, and Thomas Deeny–for keeping us on task this month, pushing this thing forward. It’s been a pleasure and an honor to work with them, and I can’t wait to see us do this all again next month!

If you’re interested in picking up a copy of this issue, visit our webstore to grab a standalone copy: The Fate Codex, Volume 1, Issue 1

If you’d like to become a patron of the campaign, you can find us directly on Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/Trumonz

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