New Magpies: Sarah Richardson and Derrick Kapchinsky

Baby magpies
As you may know, we had a pretty good year last year here at Magpie HQ. In addition to the launch of our Chaos Worlds line for Dungeon World (The Last Days of Anglekite) and Epyllion early in the year, we wrapped up 2015 with the phenomenally successful Masks, marking our first six-figure Kickstarter! We’re so grateful for everyone that backed, pledged, patroned, and supported us in 2016; you ...
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Last Day of the Bundle of Holding!

Grab the Dungeon World +2 Bundle of Holding in its last day (! The Bundle is a great deal at this point, featuring Dungeon World, Iron Edda: World of Metal and Bone, Plague of Storms, The Green Scar, and Dangerous Space Jail, for $6.95. And if you pay the threshold price ($17.63 at the time of this writing), you also get The Perilous Wilds, Gri...
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Masks: A New Generation, on Kickstarter now!

Masks: A New Generation, a tabletop RPG of young superheroes, is up on Kickstarter now! The game is all about playing young adult superheroes, growing up in Halcyon City and trying to figure out who they are. The adults, hero and villain alike, will tell them who to be and what to do, but it's up to them to decide how, exactly, they're going to reshape the city. The game is Powered by the Apo...
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The Cartel Ashcan Arrives At GenCon!

Cartel Cover - Medium
¡Hola, amigos! Magpie Games is proud to announce the release of Cartel: Ashcan Edition at GenCon 2015. This 48-page rulebook contains everything you need to run sessions of Cartel, including setting information, playbooks, and MC advice! If you're at GenCon, you can pick up a copy at the IGDN booth, #734, right next to the Indie Press Revolution booth and close to the Iello booth. Copies of the...
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The Summer of the Fate Codex!

We have some awesome announcements for the Fate Codex! We're putting together a printed, collected edition of Volume 1 of the Fate Codex. This will include every article from our first year, along with all the art pieces, in a 6"x9", 300 page black and white softcover book! You can get all 7 issues of our first year, at once, in an easy to use physical form that looks great alongside your other...
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