The Epyllion Kickstarter is here! Marissa Kelly has been working on this project for over a year now, and it’s been revamped, reworked, and refined over many playtests and revisions. Now, it’s finally ready to take the final steps, and to become a full, fleshed-out book containing everything you’ll need to play: the basic moves; six playbooks; detailed descriptions of those moves and how they work; GM agendas, principles, and moves; and more.

Epyllion is a game of dragon epics, in which players get to take on the roles of young dragons going out on missions for the Council of Dragonia. On their adventures, they’ll stand against the Darkness, and draw strength from each other through the bonds of friendship. They’ll grow older over the course of their adventures, and with luck and with their friends by their sides, they’ll save Dragonia from the coming Darkness.


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The Kickstarter for Epyllion is full of great stuff, giving you the opportunity to get customized dice, special gems to be used as tokens during the game, beautiful decks of cards that will help you generate dragon NPCs very quickly, customized and laminated maps of Dragonia, and even plush dragons to guard your book. As of this writing, we’ve already funded and reached our first three stretch goals, meaning that we’re going to have at least one more playbook, and at least two additional entries for our Encyclopedia Draconica. The Encyclopedia Draconica will be a compendium of different entries and nifty tidbits about Dragonia, including custom moves to spice up your game. And we’re still going, and looking forward to unlocking even more cool new additions for Epyllion!


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Marissa Kelly has done some fantastic work on Epyllion, and if you back it, you can immediately download the basic moves and the playbooks, already laid out, and get playing today! So be sure to check out the Kickstarter and get your dragon flying on epic adventures today!

If you’re interested in hearing more about Epyllion, including stories of actual play, then be sure to check out our Epyllion Google+ Community!


The Last Days of Anglekite Kickstarter is here! We’ve been working on this project for over a year now, and we’re proud to finally be able to put it in your hands!

The Last Days of Anglekite started as a LongCon Dungeon World scenario for KristaConNYC, so it was originally designed to be an epic 3 session game over the course of a single weekend. The text was one of the rewards for backing that event, but it quickly ballooned outward from there. Brendan Conway’s text was too big to be simply released, and so after a lot of editing by Mark Diaz Truman and John Adamus, a lot of drawing by Juan Ochoa, and a lot of layout by Nathan Paoletta, we’ve gotten it to a place where we’re proud of the book that it has become.

And the great news is that if this Kickstarter goes well, we’re going to do more Chaos Worlds, starting with The Cold Ruins of Lastlife!


So check out the Kickstarter, where you can find out all about what’s inside the book. Here’s to more Chaos Worlds!

winningI want to talk about winning, win conditions, and whether RPGs can accommodate them. And perhaps more importantly, whether RPGs should incorporate win conditions.

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Atomic Badger. Quirt. Annihilator Arcryx. Kagápe. And now, the final Sentinel of the Stars. Their de facto leader. Maybe. Kinda. Human. Master-ish space adventurer. I give you Jason Penn, Spaceprince.

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We’ve had a cybernetic badger with huge guns; a water elemental with a heart of gold; and a psychotic axe-wielding “alien.” Next up in my Atomic Robo RPG  versions of the Guardians of the Galaxy is our fourth Sentinel of the Stars, the assassin to end all assassins: Kagápe.

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