Con Report! – Origins

It’s been two weeks since Origins Magpie had a whirlwind of a time, and we wanted to look back on some of the awesome games and events we’ve had!  We had a blast running a smorgasbord of games! We had playtests, conversations, demos, and just plain awesome one-shots. The games we ran included: Bluebeard’s Bride, a horror game based on the fairy tale Bluebeard, in which a young bride exp...
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2016 Origins Roundup

Origins Game Fair
Hey Origins Attendees! Magpie Games is excited to support Games on Demand at Origins 2016. We've got a whole bunch of new stuff to show off, as well as opportunities to play Urban Shadows, Epyllion, and Masks! Here are a few of the games you might catch this year: Bluebeard's Bride - A newly-married bride explores the sinister and threatening rooms of her new husband's house, creeping ever c...
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Codex Machina now live!

If you’re a fan of the Fate roleplaying system, and have checked out the Fate Codex we run through Patreon, you may have heard that we’ve added a new feature - a podcast called the Codex Machina. The Codex Machina will contain interviews with the contributors, artists, and Fate designers featured inside the pages of the Fate Codex. Each month we’ll release one of these interviews for free to an...
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Enjoyment vs Experience: The Dark Souls Dilemma

Enjoyment vs Experience
Dark Souls 3 came out recently, spurring much writing on it and the Dark Souls series. In particular, this pair of articles, one from Adam Smith of Rock Paper Shotgun, one from Rob Fearon on his blog We Make The Cops Look Dumb, spoke to me. Adam Smith argues that Dark Souls, at its design core, shouldn’t have a mode designed to make the game easier: “The difficulty isn’t an elitist exclusionary ch...
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The Impossible Trinity: Actor, Audience, Author

Impossible Trinity
One of my favorite concepts in economics is the impossible trinity, a macroeconomic framework that explains why monetary policy can’t do everything it wants to do all at the same time. Monetary policy design is hard, and I love that “the trillema” reminds us that we can’t always get what we want, even if we get to set monetary policy for a whole country. Lately, I’ve been thinking about an impo...
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