Masks: A New Generation PDF Released!

The PDF of Masks is out! This is kind of an unreal moment for me, to be honest. This book has been, to some extent or another, in my mind and the focus of my attention for years now. Something that started by seeing a single image posted on John Stavropoulos’s G+ feed... ...turned into a slew of playtests and iterations and scrawled notes in notebooks… …transformed into som...
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Gen Con Highlights

It’s been a bit since GenCon closed off, and we want to cap off how grateful we are for such an awesome convention! Thank you to everyone who came by to the IGDN booth and said hi! Here are some of our highlights:   Velvet Glove Sold Out! Every year for GenCon we bring a game in ashcan form, meaning that it’s a playable, but not final, version of the game. In 2014, we brought Epyl...
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GenCon Round-up

dice & figs
GenCon is this week, and we’ll be there running games and standing in the IGDN booth in the exhibition hall. We’re all excited to be there! We’re bringing a bunch of the awesome books we’ve made, including Urban Shadows, all three Chaos Worlds, the newly printed Epyllion, and a brand new game—Velvet Glove! We’ve also got a bunch of games on schedule, including Wicked Fate, Epyllion, Urban Sh...
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Two Minutes Hate

big brother orwell rally privacy loss
I have written an FAQ to accompany this piece available here [Two Minutes Hate: FAQ] that addresses my thoughts on Zak's behavior in our community, clarifications on my thoughts on anger and abuse, and more. I encourage you to read it alongside this post. It’s 2002. My hair is purple. I’ve got a tongue ring. My band practices outside the dorms every night, lousy Pearl Jam covers echoing off...
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